Governing Principals

  • TACRS is chartered as an association of Christian church-related schools for the purpose of serving and strengthening Christian education.
  • TACRS is committed to the Biblical principle that education begins with parents teaching their own children. God has entrusted children first and foremost into the care of families and only secondarily into the care of the church or the civil government. It is parents who are primarily and ultimately responsible to God for the training and education of their children.
  • TACRS believes that civil government (and all of its agencies) ought to take great care to respect and protect the right of parents to direct the care, training, and education of their children.
  • TACRS will seek to uphold the rights and responsibilities of parents by opposing any government regulation of private, church-related schools with respect to their selection of faculty, textbooks, and curriculum.
  • TACRS recognizes its responsibility to institute responsible guidelines in regards to record-keeping, testing, and academic programs for its member schools which will assist them in achieving academic success and meeting the high Biblical standards of Christian education.
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